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If you need a new drain tile installation or repairs and maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

Free quotes and site inspections for all of your drain tile needs in Victoria and southern Vancouver Island.

Keeping your home’s foundation free of water is one of the most important things you can do for structural integrity and moisture prevention. If you need professional, expert drain tile services anywhere in the south island area, then you need South Island Drain Tile.

Camera Scoping

Fault-finding of your drain tile doesn’t need to mean ripping up huge areas of your yard or basement. With our rigid camera inspection, we can pinpoint problem areas in your drainage system before we ever need to dig, and that means less disruption, less labor and lower costs.


Even if your home already has a drain tile system there’s always a chance of blockages, and that may compromise drainage and result in water where you really don’t want it. We offer rootering services for all your pipes and plumbing, to keep them blockage free, and working as they should.

Drain Tile Servicing

Roots, silt, buildups and more. Over time, your drain tile may be damaged, compromised or unable to do the job it was built to do. The good news? It’s often possible to service and repair problems rather than replacing your system. Let us find the best solutions for your drain tile problems.

Water Proofing

Keeping your home dry and clean is key to maintaining structural integrity, preventing water damage, limiting mold growth and more. If you’re finding water where it doesn’t belong, then you need professional waterproofing advice and help. Let us be the company that solves your water problems.

Who We Are

Dylan Macgregor

South Island Drain Tile is a locally focused, locally owned company that is small enough to care, but experienced enough to deliver the results you need. Our journeyman red seal plumbers, journeyman red seal pipefitters and our established relationship with Macgregor Mechanical ensure that you always get the very best expert advice.

When you deal with South Island Drain Tile, you don’t have to wait forever to talk to the pros, and you don’t have to pay a fortune for the privilege either. In fact, since we offer free quotes and site inspections, you can get the answers you need to your plumbing, drainage and waterproofing problems on the spot.

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